Hey loves,

I have a wonderful and beautiful wedding to share with you all!

Everyone loves a good love story. I have one for you. I met Caitlin in high school. We only talked a few times and I met her now husband, Justin, in passing at a mutual friends at a graduation party. Caitlin and Justin are what you call High School Sweethearts! They have a beautiful love story that started around their Sophomore year in high school.

They were working on a project together that allowed them to work closely together. At the beginning they didn't really notice each other. At the end of the project these two were photographed together for the city's local newspaper detailing the project they worked together on. This began their beautiful relationship after ending the relationships they were in they first met.

Caitlin and Justin chose The Old Cigar Mill in Downtown Greenville, SC as the perfect venue for their wedding, They have continued to have a beautiful, successful, and prospering marriage and have welcomed a new family member into their lives. I am happy that they are thriving and living the vows they took on their wedding day!